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AUGLETICS Heart Rate Monitor

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Bluetooth pulse belt for measuring heart rate while rowing or other sports. Compatible with all AUGLETICS rowing machines.

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Reliable heart rate measurement when using your AUGLETICS rowing machine. Put the heart rate belt on and without any further adjustment, the belt will automatically connect to your Eight. The pulse belt measures reliably, even during intensive movement (such as a sprint on your rowing machine) and thanks to the elastic belt and the low weight it sits extremely comfortably on the body.

The only requirement for using the heart rate monitor is a current software version on your AUGLETICS Eight. You can also deactivate the automatic connection function in the settings if you wish.

Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+, the heart rate belt can also be used universally. You can also use it with other rowing machines or you can connect it to your smartphone (Bluetooth LE is required, but it is built into almost every smartphone in the last 5 years). The belt can also be connected to the most common fitness watches.


Additional information


Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+


CR2032 button cell for easy changing

Battery life

Several months or even years with less use

Large scale touch screen with movement analysis and streaming

Individualised workouts and pulse control

Low-maintenance technology and silent magnetic break

Space-saving and handy thanks to fold-up design

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Made in Germany

AUGLETICS manufactures in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin. This ensures our quality, proximity to customers and jobs in Germany. German engineering for your home.


Rowing machines can be differentiated according to the braking unit: air, water or magnet. Every system has its area of application and we will show you why you are in the best hands with AUGLETICS.

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