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The AUGLETICS rowing machines are thought one or two steps further in every respect. It starts with the look and ends with the sustained motivation provided by the large touchscreen, even during longer training sessions. Select one of the four points to find out more about your direct advantages with AUGLETICS.

The AUGLETICS Digital Coach

The heart of the AUGLETICS rowing machines is clearly the permanently installed display. It is your personal digital trainer. This will guide you through the training, you will be motivated and, thanks to the sensor-based feedback, you can even improve your rowing technique. With the City Maps you row with real fellow rowers through London, Berlin or Paris and immerse yourself in a virtual world. You will completely forget that you are currently doing one of the healthiest workouts, training your back and burning up to 900 kcal per hour (3768 kJ/h)! Click on “Learn more” below to read more about the four functions.

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Choose your Style

In order to keep you really use your rowing machine, you shouldn’t hide it in the last corner. That’s why we paid special attention to the design of the devices. We are particularly proud of the RedDot Design Award (Honorable Mention) for the AUGLETICS Eight Style. Both devices cut an excellent figure in your home and are technically identical. While the AUGLETICS Eight relies entirely on a minimalist design entirely in black, the AUGLETICS Eight Style is also suitable for use directly in the stylish living room and is an eye-catcher here. You can find more information about rowing machines made of wood without water and the advantages of this in the article about us at Fokus-Online: Rowing machine without water made of wood.


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We have thought of everything for you

We’ve thought of everything for you. During development, one thing was important to us: We wanted to perfect the entire rowing experience, from the space-saving design to the comfortable rolling seat. We have created a rowing machine that we like to use every day. Click through the slider to find out more about the devices.


Augletics Eight Style standing and folded platzsparend In nur 10 Sekunden lässt sich das Gerät hochklappen und sicher verstauen. Dazu befinden sich unter dem Gerät zwei Rollen zum einfachen Verschieben. Die Füße sind mit Anti-Rutsch-Matten versehen, sodass eine Unterlage nicht zwingend notwendig ist. Augletics Eight Style Eddy Current brake Patentierte
Die Bremstrommel ist das Herzstück Deines AUGLETICS Eights. Die elektronisch geregelte Wirbelstrombremse sorgt für ein angenehmes, gleichmäßig Zuggefühl. Und das vom ersten Millimeter an. Dazu schnurrt sie auch beim intensiven Workout nur leise vor sich hin und ist im Vergleich zu anderen Rudergeräten leise.
Augletics Eight Style Tow Strap Robuster Zugriemen Wir verbauen einen Continental-Zugriemen, welcher mehrere Tonnen Zugkraft aushält. Dieser überträgt die Kraft optimal und ist im Vergleich zu einer Kette wartungsfrei. Augletics rudder seat Bequemer Rollsitz Wir saßen selbst einige 100 Stunden auf den verschiedensten Rudergeräten. Das AUGLETICS Eight hat einen überaus bequemen Rollsitz, welchen Du so schnell nicht mehr missen möchtest. Dank der breiten Rollfläche ist die Rollbewegung dazu stabil und leise. Augletics Eight Style Production 1 Augletics Germany Icon Unsere Rudergeräte wurden nicht nur in Deutschland entwickelt, sondern auch hier gebaut. Jedes Gerät wird nach der Montage intensiv geprüft und erst dann verpackt und zu Dir gesendet. Made in Germany

Innovation “Made in Germany”

AUGLETICS is one of the most innovative companies in the sports and smart home sector. Most recently, this was the result of a user and customer survey by Statista for the computer picture magazine. Thanks to the consistent investment in further development, quality management and customer support, AUGLETICS GmbH has been able to develop into one of the top companies in the industry since 2015. Not only does the software and hardware development take place in Königs Wusterhausen at the gates of Berlin, but also assembly, quality testing and the majority of the components come from the region. Real workmanship “Made in Germany”.

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Customer’s reviews

We focus on the customer experience. We offer a reliable and personal service. Our goal is to have satisfied customers who use our devices regularly.


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