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To meet our customers‘ expectations, our engineers have worked closely with current Olympic champions Karl Schulze and Lauritz Schoof to develop the world’s most advanced and reliable rowing machine. Controlled by an electromagnetic eddy current brake, virtually noiseless, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our rowing ergometers set new standards. The integrated Virtual Coach keeps you up to date via the touch display at all times. It monitors every move, provides you with feedback on your rowing technique, and allows control over the resistance and training focus. Each session on our rowing machines will be an unforgettable experience thanks to our preset interval training sequence, whether its for endurance or purely strength. In addition, our open interface makes it possible to connect pulse belts, wristbands and even VR goggles with the Ergo. For example, the rowing machine will automatically adjust to a preset pulse and allow for a more effective workout. Want to row in a group? No problem. Connect with friends around the world and row together. All smart rowing ergometers from AUGLETICS are easily connected to each other via the Internet and include these features. They differ above all in their design and appearance. The AUGLETICS Eight and AUGLETICS Eight Style are ideal for private users due to their compact size. The AUGLETICS Eight Pro has been developed to be extremely durable and is fully geared to the needs of fitness studios.

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* The one-time delivery fee is 29 Euro. For 199 € (Germany only) you can also book the set-up and furnishing service. Alternatively you can pick it up at our office in Königs Wusterhausen (20km from Berlin) free of charge. Please note this wish under „Delivery options“ during the order process.

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Why Rowing?

Rowing is one of the healthiest sports. The entire body is trained: from the legs and often neglected back, to the stomach, shoulders and arms. The motion is extremely easy on the joints, but there is one condition: you must perform the movement correctly. Lucky for you, the AUGLETICS rowing machines are equipped with an integrated digital trainer, allowing you to use the rowing motion for either endurance or strength training. For intensive strength training, simply set the resistance high and use one of the strength levels, that way you can build muscle in no time. If you are more interested in burning fat during your workout, we recommend the resistance levels 3-8. With some practice, you will be able to last much longer and even burn fat in just a 30-minute workout.

Rowing uses 85% of your muscles


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