Our various rowing machines are characterized by their high-quality, compact design and connectivity. The resistance is generated by an electronically controlled eddy current brake. This is not only very quiet, but also requires very little maintenance compared to units with water tanks. Thanks to the control system, the rudder stroke feels like being on the water. Now compare the two units and find out which one suits you the best.


According to this standard, our developers, in close cooperation with the reigning Olympic champions Karl Schulze and Lauritz Schoof, have created the most advanced and robust rowing machine in the world. Braked by an electromagnetic eddy-current brake, almost too silent, and controlled by state-of-the-art technology, our rowing ergometers set new standards. That a fitness rowing machine can also be a design object is obvious at first glance and was confirmed once again by the RedDot-Award.

The integrated Virtual Coach keeps you always up to date via the touch display. He controls every move and gives you feedback on your rowing technique. You control the resistance and the training focus. Through preset interval training units, each unit on our rowing machines becomes a real experience. Whether endurance training or pure strength training, our rowing ergometer can do both.

Through open interfaces it is possible to connect pulse belts, wristbands and VR glasses with the rowing machine. For example, your rowing machine automatically adapts to a preset pulse rate and thus enables an even more effective training. Great sport!

If you want to row in a group, that’s no problem either. No matter where in the world your friends live, network and do sports together. All smart fitness rowing machines from AUGLETICS are ready to be connected to each other via the internet at any time.

All described functions are available on both rowing machines. They differ optically from each other, because different materials were used. The AUGLETICS Eight keeps the classic look of a sports equipment due to the robust design in black while the AUGLETICS Eight Style with its wooden robe is more like a noble piece of furniture than a sports equipment.

* Delivery is free of charge within Germany. Alternatively you can book the setup and furnishing service for 199€ (incl. travel within Germany). Or you can pick up the device in our office in Königs Wusterhausen (20km away from Berlin) free of charge and completely pre-assembled. Please note this wish under “delivery options” during the order process.

Why rowing?

Rowing (even on a rowing machine) is one of the healthiest sports of all. Because here the whole body is trained: from the legs to the often neglected back, the belly to the shoulders and arms. And all this is extremely easy on the joints. The only condition: You have to perform the movement correctly. But don’t worry, the integrated, digital trainer of the AUGLETICS rowing machines will help you. It gives you feedback on what you can do better with your rowing movement.

By the way, you can use the rowing movement as endurance training as well as strength training. For an intensive strength training, simply increase the resistance and use one of the strength levels. This way you can build muscles in no time. If your workout is more about burning fat, we recommend resistance levels 3-8, where you can last much longer with a little exercise and, for example, you can really make your kilos tumble during a 30-minute workout.

Rowing trains up to 85% of your muscles

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

After ordering via the website or by phone through our product advisors you pay directly via Paypal, credit card or direct debit. Alternatively, you can also pay after ordering, but before delivery. For alternative payment methods please contact us. As soon as your device is ready for shipping, you will receive a message from us with all details of your shipment, so you can always check the current status and the exact delivery date. If you have any problems with the installation of the device or need any other help, your product advisor is always available for you after the purchase.

After you have received your Augletics Eight via you’re preferred Shipping Method, you find an Instruction laying inside Box 1. If you need additional help you can checkout our YouTube Video or if you want to download the instruction please click here

You can order the most common spare parts directly from our online store. If you need something else or if you are not 100% sure, it is best to contact your product consultant directly, call the support hotline or write an e-mail to: support@augletics.de

We are here for you. We promise! Do you have a question about the product, a problem with the operation or is your device even defective? The easiest way is to contact your product consultant directly. He can help you further. If he is not directly available, you can also call the support hotline (+49 30 55579963-1) or write a short email to support@augletics.de.

We give three years warranty on our products. But even after that, we won’t let you down and help you with service and support.

For more than five years now, we have stood for modern innovation of smart rowing machines. In order to be able to maintain high quality standards, we cooperate in production with established German companies. Here we can fall back on greater resources than our age would suggest. This gives us and above all you the security you need.
AUGLETICS can thus guarantee that you can continue to obtain spare parts for at least five years.
We still have a lot to do!

The dimensions of the devices can be found at the bottom of the product page. If you have an iPhone or iPad at hand, you can also experience our devices interactively. Please go to the following link: www.augletics.de/ar

The AUGLETICS Eight and the Eight Style are mainly built for private users and small studios. They belong to the most compact devices on the market and can be stored very space-saving when folded up. Optically they differ by the materials. The Eight has in its black robe rather the look of a classic fitness device while the Eight Style reminds more of a noble piece of furniture made of wood.

The Pro Series is currently not available. Feel free to write us or call customer service for more details.

A power supply is needed to operate the large display and to adjust the resistance. The device itself does not require any power for the resistor generation, so that the power consumption is comparatively low. In standby the display switches off automatically, so that the power consumption is minimized. Alternatively you can take it off the power completely and shut down the display.

You can use the AUGLETICS rowing machines at any time even without an internet connection. However, AUGLETICS offers you a number of smaller and bigger extras if you use an active WLAN connection.

If you use your device in WLAN, you have the possibility to log in and save your training data in your personal profile and to use the free update function. As usual with other apps, we provide you with an update about every 2 months, which makes your sports experience even more interesting for you.

About us

The company AUGLETICS was founded in 2015 by former competitive rowers. They were simply not satisfied with the outdated technology of the former equipment on which they themselves trained for years. The AUGLETICS – devices should better represent the sport rowing for everyone and make the probably healthiest sport device of the world even more attractive. After the devices were successfully sold mainly in the fitness and rowing area, the devices are also sold in the private sector since 2018.

The machines are produced in our factory in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin. As far as possible, we rely on regional suppliers for production. Most of the components are not only assembled in Brandenburg, but are even manufactured and processed here.

Since 2019, the devices have been sold not only by our webshop but also by the company Hammer, with whom we have maintained a close partnership since then. In case of a defect in the device, we can fall back on our broad network of service technicians and thus currently cover Germany, Austria and Switzerland nationwide.

The community is growing and growing. Around AUGLETICS a user base has been established, which trains regularly and also exchanges information in common Facebook groups.

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Augletics Company Building

Customer Service

We take customer service seriously and it is a central part of the company. We accompany you from the moment you order. And when you call us, you have a competent employee on the phone who can advise you and help you further.

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