The right rowing technique

In order to train successfully it is important to train correctly, because especially if you use more than 80% of your muscles when training with our Augletics Eight or Eight Style it is important that you use the right technique.

That’s why we have created a video for you together with Karl Schulze (two-time Olympic rowing champion) where he explains how the correct rowing technique works. What you have to pay attention to as well as a few tips and tricks, among other things, how you can check yourself that you are rowing in the right rhythm and much more, but see for yourself:

Functions of the Augletics Eight

In the second part of our video series, our athlete Karl Schulz shows you the correct rowing technique, the individual functions of the Augletics Eight Style and how you can use them to your advantage.

In more detail, he shows you the registration via RFID chips as well as the trainer evaluation and much more.

If you don’t have an Augletics yet but would like to try it, then visit our shop and get your very own Augletics Eight.