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The oak fitness machine for your home. Smart rowing machine with Virtual Coach.

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  • PVC Bodenschutzmatte

  • AUGLETICS Heart Rate Monitor


The smart way to invest into your fitness.

Now get really fit at home with the new rowing machine AUGLETICS Eight Style. Developed by rowing professionals, ideal for your living room, bedroom or gym. Extremely stowable, Made in Germany and really smart.

Rowing is perfect for bringing your body back into shape. It trains cardio, burns calories and builds muscle. Through your virtual coach on the big scale touchscreen, you can learn rowing in the perfect form.


Additional information


Höhe: 100 cm, Breite: 45 cm, Länge: 181 cm, Sitzhöhe: 30 cm

Abmessungen im zusammengeklappten Zustand

Höhe: 170 cm Breite: 45 cm Tiefe: 56 cm


approx. 38 kg


Support tube made of brushed stainless steel, tension belt made of polyurethane with extra reinforcement made of steel cords in a bifilar arrangement, side plates, feet and monitor arm made of oiled oak

Material of the handles

The handles and foot flaps are made from TPV and is RoHS-conform in accordance to the EU-norm.


Through electronically managed eddy current brake (wear-free)

AUGLETICS Digital Coach

15,6 inch, movable display with advanced brightness and resolution


Rowing machine is delivered including Allen key for set-up, set-up manual and charger. This latest version does no longer require or support NFC-chips for login. The machine allows for a deliberate amount of users sign ups, the login works through just two clicks on the screen.


3-year warranty

max. user weight

195 kg

Dimensions of deliveries Parcel shipping

Paket 1: 150x34x16cm, 13kg
Paket 2: 49x49x33cm, 20kg
Paket 3: 52x50x34cm, 15kg

Large scale touch screen with movement analysis and streaming

Individualised workouts and pulse control

Low-maintenance technology and silent magnetic break

Space-saving and handy thanks to fold-up design

Made in Germany

AUGLETICS manufactures in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin. This ensures our quality, proximity to customers and jobs in Germany. German engineering for your home.


Rowing machines can be differentiated according to the braking unit: air, water or magnet. Every system has its area of application and we will show you why you are in the best hands with AUGLETICS.

30 day free trial