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Augletics Eight All-in packages

2.869,00 EUR

Discover the all-in package! It contains the AUGLETICS Eight, a heart rate belt and a PVC floor protection mat.

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With the all-in package, you have the opportunity to get 3 products for 1 price and save money at the same time. The package includes the Augletics Eight, in its black powder-coated steel robe, and the Bluetooth pulse belt, for measuring heart rate while rowing or other sports. You will also receive the perfectly matching floor protection mat made of PVC. It protects both the floor and sweat during intense training.


Additional information

All-in Paket

Contains the Augletics Eight (incl. accessories), the Bluetooth heart rate belt and a PVC floor protection mat.


Höhe: 100 cm, Breite: 45 cm, Länge: 181 cm, Sitzhöhe: 30 cm

Measurements folded up

170cm x 56cm x 45cm


approx. 38 kg


Frame out of brushed stainless steel, trace out of polyurethane with additional reinforcement made of steel cables in bifilar order, side panels, legs and monitore arm made from powder coded steel.

Material of the handles

The handles and foot flaps are made from TPV and is RoHS-conform in accordance to the EU-norm.

Resistance generation

Through electronically managed eddy current brake (wear-free)

AUGLETICS Digital Coach

15,6 inch, movable display with advanced brightness and resolution


Rowing machine is delivered including Allen key for set-up, set-up manual and charger. This latest version does no longer require or support NFC-chips for login. The machine allows for a deliberate amount of users sign ups, the login works through just two clicks on the screen.


3-year warranty on your AUGLETICS Eight

Large scale touch screen with movement analysis and streaming

Individualised workouts and pulse control

Low-maintenance technology and silent magnetic break

Space-saving and handy thanks to fold-up design

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Made in Germany

AUGLETICS manufactures in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin. This ensures our quality, proximity to customers and jobs in Germany. German engineering for your home.


Rowing machines can be differentiated according to the braking unit: air, water or magnet. Every system has its area of application and we will show you why you are in the best hands with AUGLETICS.

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